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High-Magnification Visual Inspection System

High Magnification Machine Vision Station

Advanced technology and a sleek design come together in the VERSAMag High-Magnification Inspection System. The HD high-resolution camera generates sharp images, resulting in exceptional inspection of objects at all magnification levels. This portable visual inspection system has magnification up to 155x with real-time video inspection and intuitive controls. The VERSAMag has a multi-axis positioning camera and adjustable Z-height arm for versatility to inspect objects of various shapes and sizes. When paired with FSInspection Software, the VERSAMag has measurement, image capture, and annotation capabilities.

  1. Real-time video inspection
  2. Up to 155x magnification
  3. Adjustable working heights
  4. Intuitive and easy-to-use controls
  5. Measurement and image capture capabilities

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Advanced. Accurate. Affordable.

VERSAMag that fits your needs

VERSAMag is easy to use and versatile enough for any production area such as: Electronics, Mechanical, Forensics, Micro Mechanics, Automotive, Micro Assembly, Medical Device, Quality Control, or a laboratory.


  1. Multi-axis positioning HD camera and adjustable Z-height arm are designed for versatility to inspect objects of various shapes and sizes
  2. Real-time video inspection with auto-focus throughout magnification levels
  3. Capture and store images on an SD card or with the use of a computer
  4. Lightweight and portable inspection station
  5. Convenient remote control with simple, intuitive functions


  1. Detailed measurement capabilities with easy-to-use software
  2. Manual focus override for easy examination of all surface levels

Magnify up to 155x Auto-focus camera Manual focus override High-definition image Measure dimensions Save and share images


Deployed:13 in x 16.25 in x 13 in/ 29.1 cm x 36.4 cm x 29.1 cm
Collapsed:4.2 in x 13.6 in x 5.4 in/9.4 cm x 30.5 cm x 12.1 cm
Working Height under camera
9 in / 20.2 cm
Auto focus 720p HD camera
2.1x to 155x (24 in / monitor)
4 lbs. /1.8 kg
Power Supply
Input voltage 100-240V
AC frequency 50-60 Hz
Single wall plug
XY Table
17.2 in x 17.3 in x 1.83 in
437 mm x 439 mm x 47 mm
X-dimension travel: 16 in/406 mm
Y-dimension travel: 10.5 in/266 mm
Variable braking mechanism